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In 2019, the National Enquirer was accused of attempted “extortion and blackmail” by Jeff Bezos, owner of Amazon and The Washington Post, Following the accusation, journalist Ronan Farrow also reported that the National Enquirer had attempted to blackmail him unless he ceased investigative reporting about the Enquirer and Trump.

《全国问讯报》(National Enquirer)是第一个爆出老虎伍兹有婚外情的媒体。他们打开了潘多拉宝盒,现在已经有多达十人怀疑与老虎伍兹有染。 基于133个网页-相关网页

An interesting look at the National Enquirer’s decades old history, with its ups and downs along the way. The film illustrates how the tabloid publication often used unethical


The National Enquirer reports the unvarnished stories about celebrities- their antics, celebrations, loves and mishaps. Also included in the editorial mix are high-profile stories regarding current criminal investigations, human interest and health. No matter what is

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10/4/2019 · The National Enquirer, a 93-year-old tabloid that chronicled celebrity controversies before becoming embroiled in scandals of its own, is on the block to be sold by embattled

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“The National Enquirer had some people who would go to a celebrity and say, ‘unless you give in to a one-on-one interview that would amount to a fluff piece with us, we’re going to report

Some in the media have argued that The National Enquirer deserves Pulitzer Prize consideration for its investigative work into politician John Edwards’ affair with Rielle Hunter.

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National Enquirer magazine is defined by its spicy gossips and in-depth news from behind the headlines. Inside each issue you can find all of the latest news from Hollywood. Celebrity feuds, homes, relationships, and more are covered in each weekly issue.

Breaking Cincinnati news, traffic, weather and local headlines from The Cincinnati Enquirer newspaper. Coronavirus in NKY: 4 new death as confirmed cases rise by 22 to 208 in Northern Kentucky

Define enquirer. enquirer synonyms, enquirer pronunciation, enquirer translation, English dictionary definition of enquirer. Noun 1. enquirer – someone who asks a question asker, inquirer, querier, questioner cross-examiner, cross-questioner – someone who questions a witness

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12/12/2018 · The National Enquirer’s parent admits it paid an ex-Playboy model $150,000 to kill her account of a sexual affair with Donald Trump. Coupled with evidence supplied by Cohen, the agreement with

The National Enquirer has an online version, found at, that features articles from the publication. The site also has a subscription option for the digital edition that can be viewed on mobile devices. Readers can also order a subscription

The National Enquirer – the tabloid infamous for buying, then spiking, damaging stories about Donald Trump and reportedly keeping the evidence in a safe – is up for sale. Anthony Melchiorre, t

The National Enquirer had admitted to paying hush money to help U.S. President Donald Trump get elected and been accused of attempting to blackmail Amazon founder Jeff Bezos. The weekly tabloid

The National Enquirer and its former publisher American Media Inc. (AMI) buried around 60 damaging stories about Donald Trump in the lead-up to the 2016 presidential election, Ronan Farrow has

11/4/2020 · American Media Inc. says it will likely sell the National Enquirer “in the near future.” President and CEO David Pecker says the company is more focused on its successful teen and active lifestyle

National Enquirer Cover Room: A room that features National Enquirer covers. Visitors will be able to see them on the walls, flip through physical copies in binders and look at a digital library

The National Enquirer claims to have seen Suri Cruise.Well, photos from her upcoming Vanity Fair spread anyway. According to the tabloid, she strongly resembles mom Katie Holmes– they say she

For more than thirty years, The National Enquirer has electrified America with unforgettable photographs and captivating stories. It has put us on a first-name basis with stars, villains, beauties, cads, and killers — bringing remarkable stories to life with breathtaking

As of 2018, the National Enquirer, an American tabloid newspaper, had a total circulation of around 265 thousand readers. Total circulation of the magazine Star in the U.S. 2014-2016 Total

Jack Shafer, who dubbed the National Enquirer “Pravda on the Checkout Line” in a deep dive in 2017, explained why dismissing the audience is wrong, even though subscriptions have tumbled from

Sources told The National ENQUIRER the “Maleficent” actress, 44, has been in a tailspin as her brutal battle with ex Brad Pitt, 56, drags on and the two clash over custody of their five youngest kids — Pax, 16, Zahara, 15, Shiloh, 13, and 11-year-old twins

Use Muck Rack to learn more about National Enquirer and connect with journalists at National Enquirer. — The latest episode of the podcast “The Killing of JonBenét: The Final Suspects” is delving deep into the most well-known and notorious aspect of the young JonBenét Ramsey’s short life — her participation in child beauty pageants.

He said he plans to boost the National Enquirer’s video and documentary collaborations, as well as its theme park business. High-profile scandals The National Enquirer is best known for its

The National Enquirer has been embroiled in controversy throughout the past year after being accused of paying hush money to a former Playboy model to help Donald Trump win the 2016 presidential race.

23/1/2020 · ‘Washington Post,’ ‘National Enquirer’ In Spotlight After Bezos Phone Hacking The alleged hacking of Jeff Bezos’ smartphone by Saudi Arabia puts the spotlight on

28/3/2020 · Michael Sanchez, the brother of Jeff Bezos’ girlfriend, is alleging in a lawsuit that the publisher of the National Enquirer defamed him when it claimed that he

The Enquirer article claimed that “top doctors have told The National ENQUIRER that the deadly plague can be stopped in its tracks with natural cures found right in your kitchen or at your local

National Enquirer Put Up for Sale The tabloid, owned by American Media, came under the spotlight for hush payments to women who alleged affairs with President Trump and for coverage of

U.S. tabloid newspaper the National Enquirer display rack is seen in Washington, U.S., April 10, 2019. (Jeenah Moon/Reuters) Both amusing and alarming, the documentary Scandalous uncovers the

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24/8/2018 · The scoop Friday was that the National Enquirer supported President Donald Trump as a candidate in 2016, but his rivals already knew the paper’s front page shouted critical stories about them

American Media Inc. and the National Enquirer shredded sensitive Donald Trump-related documents that had been held in a top-secret safe right before Trump was elected in 2016, according to fresh

Jeff Bezos’ girlfriend Lauren Sanchez disclosed their affair in texts to her brother who sold them to the National Enquirer for $200,000, federal prosecutors reveal as they probe extortion case

Mika Brzezinski & Joe Scarborough say President Donald Trump threatened to plant a story in the National Enquirer. Trump has a long history with the tabloid. New York Magazine and The Daily Beast

31/5/2019 · Brand new National Enquirer Live! We got to take a full tour on the second day of opening. Check it out! Brand new National Enquirer Live! We got to take a full tour on the second day of opening.

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The National Enquirer, a gossip tabloid, said it has conducted a four-month investigation into an affair between Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos and former TV anchor Lauren Sanchez. On Wednesday, the Amazon

14/10/2019 · American Media Inc. and the National Enquirer shredded sensitive Donald Trump-related documents that had been held in a top-secret safe right before Trump was elected in 2016

National Enquirer boss and longtime Trump friend David Pecker gets federal immunity in Michael Cohen case Published Thu, Aug 23 2018 10:21 AM EDT Updated Fri, Jan 18 2019 3:22 PM EST Kevin

Ronan Farrow on a $30,000 payment by A.M.I., the company that owns the National Enquirer, to a former Trump Tower doorman named Dino Sajudin for a story that Donald Trump

Lauren Sanchez’s brother has denied allegations that he sold naked photos of his sister’s beau Jeff Bezos to the National Enquirer and says he will cooperate with the investigation into the leak

1/5/2018 · With the National Enquirer under scrutiny for its longstanding ties to President Trump, the tabloid is formally denying that Trump is involved in its editorial decisions. This issue has

30/3/2020 · Michael Sanchez, the brother of Amazon founder Jeff Bezos’ girlfriend, Lauren Sanchez, has slapped the publisher of the National Enquirer with a federal lawsuit claiming the outlet defamed him

Co-hosts discuss the blackmail and extortion allegations Jeff Bezos leveled against the National Enquirer; refrigerdating; creepy napkins & more. BL and David discuss discuss the explosive extortion and blackmail allegations Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos has leveled

10/4/2019 · National Enquirer owner American Media Inc. (AMI) said Wednesday that it will likely sell the tabloid in the near future. The news comes as Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos is expected to meet with federal