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Join host Greg Carlwood of The Higherside Chats podcast as he talks Web Bot predictions, Antarctica, Bitcoin, and the World of Woo with guest, Clif High. With the powerful elite controlling almost every aspect of the entertainment & news media we

Clif High was back at it this week with a new interview with Greg Hunter’s USA Watch Dog. Clif has become an increasingly popular voice in the precious metals and crypto currency markets due to his interviews and Webbot program. The Webbot is a program he

Is Clif High’s Webbot Warning the 4th Bowl of God’s Wrath is Imminent? Then the fourth angel poured out his bowl on the sun, and power was given to him to scorch men with fire. And men were scorched with great heat, and they blasphemed the name of God who has power over these plagues; and they did not repent and give Him glory.

Q. Just a few years ago Clif High, of the predictive WebBot project, recommended a book by Harold Waldwin Percival called “Thinking and Destiny.” Just sampling various chapters in the book has already had a profound impact on my life. Now, for 2020 I’ve decided

17/12/2017 · Clif High’s Webbot Summary – Always better than a Morning Coffee Webbot Report Charlie Lee Litecoin Web bot Clif high Bitcoin John McAfee Warren Buffet News Bill Gates Amazon Bezos Clif High 3 Amigos Altareport RoadToRoota Road To Roota Kyle Bass

Clif High (the Web-Bot guy), predicted Trump winning months ago, he has predicted bitcoin movements accurately also, and many people were dismissing it because not understanding how his system works. Clif High (the Web-Bot guy), predicted Trump winning

28/7/2015 · 2010-04-20 3/8 Webbot Clif High on One Radio Network

Clif High released his latest report on 23-December. It outlines expected events over the next three years and then delves more deeply into the crytpo currency space and how it fits with other larger trends. The thrust of which is a world full of change in replacing old

The Web Bot is a computer program — actually many different programs — that is alleged to be able to predict future trends and events from analyzing subtle changes in our choice of words to describe various things. Developed by Clif High, his program generates

ちなみに、上記の動画に出てくるのが、クリフ・ハイ(Clif High)氏です。想像していたよりも、お年を召している方なのだなーっというのが正直な感想です。 https://www.halfpasthuman.com ちなみに、WEBBOT(ウェブボット)の資料は上記アドレスから購入できます。

A look at Clif High’s latest Webbot Wujo which includes all the predictions he talks about. Main topics are a rise in bitcoin, Hillary missing and a UFO. Oh, and I find it beyond interesting that I just today see this article, October 14 the day which exactly 8 years

29/7/2011 · I’ve been a subscriber to the Web Bots Shape of Things to Come since I heard George Ure and Clif High interviewed by Steve Quayle (April ’07) on his no longer happening radio program. I’ve been a subscriber to George Ure’s Peoplenomics since that interview as well. since that interview as well.

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Clif High just released his latest Wujo. Within this Wujo he discusses evidence that he has found which shows that around November or December 2013, there are a disturbance in time. He does admit that it could be as far back as May, from when it first began but

Clif High Webbot 2018# Temporal Awareness, Cryptocurrencies, The Yogi vs The Bluebirds #1 March 13, 2018 Clif High Webbot (Mar 12, 2018) What’s Next For Cryptocurrencies In 2018? Clif High UPDATE – YouTube Sourced through Scoop.it from: www

Please visit http://www.in5d.com/ it’s free and updated dailyWebbot Clif High talks about how the powers that be (TPTB) are afraid of David Icke, who You disliked

Home News Latest Alta Reports, Web Bot Forecasts 2018, Major Changes Ahead, Bitcoin Bonanza, Clif High Published on January 4, 2018 Clif High The Man, The Legend, The Way of Life, Joins Leak Project for a deep discussion of 2018.

The WebBot Project George Ure & Clif High presented predictions about the economy, the U.S., world events for the summer of 2010 and beyond. Their predictions are based on High’s Web Bot technology which gives archetype descriptors of future events by

28/5/2017 · 2017 – Clif High Talk about Gold, Silver, Bitcoin, Political Scum Search Library Log in Watch fullscreen 3 years ago | 18 views Clif’s High Webbot 2017 – Clif High Talk about Gold, Silver, Bitcoin, Political Scum رشيد ابن

WebBot(ウェブボット)は仮想通貨の未来を予測することが出来るボットツールのこと です。元々株式の価格変動を予測するためにマイクロソフトの元コンサルタントであるClif High(クリフ・ハイ)氏と協力者であるGeorge Ure(ジョージ・ユーロ)氏が開発しました。

Global Moderator Bill from transients’ Roundtable Forum, talks about the latest webbot report that Clif High, from Half Past Human, released. This website uses cookies to personalize and improve the user experience. The cookies also personalize ads, provide social

Greg Hunter did a great interview of Clif High recently to go over the predictions for his Web Bot project. This project uses predictive linguistics to forecast future events. Lots of interesting things in this one and some really great news overall. Here’s some of the

Clif High joins the show to discuss some STUNNING predictions regarding the silver market and the silver/gold ratio / Silver / Silver News / Clif High Web Bot Predicts SILVER TO BECOME MORE VALUABLE THAN GOLD! Clif High Web Bot Predicts

ALTA Process Here at Half Past Human we forecast the future. We are not alone in forecasting the future, all humans do it to some degree. Just a quick search of the internet will provide dozens of forms of future forecasting. Some use astrology

Clif High Join us tonight at 7:00 p.m., LIVE and FREE as my Guest, Clif High, discusses his web bot technology which has continued to give archetype descriptors of future events. The method captures intuitive changes in language patterns within Internet forums.

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30/6/2015 · 11/03/09 (p 4/7) Webbot Cliff High Special 2012 on Rense Radio

Part 1: Clif High rejoins the show to discuss the future where humans live 125 Podcast Clif High – Gaia Disinformation Agents, Q-anon, C60 & Hydrogen Water – Pt 2 2 years ago Part 2: Clif High rejoins the program to dive into the

24/12/2018 · Clif knows how much we all love woo-woo. Clif says he thinks the cryptocurrency data/info on the net was polluted. 10:45 honestly, make the internet HTML again. 12:30 I’m so in love with Clif High, he’s so wonderful. He’s discussing the propagation of

Make sure to click the Playlist at the End Screen and watch Clif High’s Shocking Bitcoin target of $1200 by July, 2019 webbot clif high John McAfee Doug Casey Charlie lee Litecoin Bitcoin Price Webbot clif high youtube clif high report clif high predictions clif high

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1/1/2018 · This was an interview by USA Watchdog done a week or so ago. ATSers used to post about him alot when I first got here but became disillusioned. Think he has his process of digital linguistics, as he calls it, down much better. While still not perfect his predictions

How big is Trump winning by? High says when all the data are analyzed and all the other video archives, you come up with a 25 to 1 ratio (in favor of Trump). Greg Hunter – Internet data mining expert Clif High says the “naked data” on the Internet shows Trump winning the 2016 Presidential election by a

Webbot Clif High Wujo, August 2013 ALTA Report Webbot Clif High Wujo, Written ALTA Report for August Earth is about to grow by 5% in diameter with the corresponding increase in mass and gravity. This starts this year and it will be devastating but has

Internet data mining expert Clif High uses calls what he does “Predictive Linguistics,” to mine the Internet and collects billions of data points to produce forecasts of the future. High has predictions on Trump, gold, silver, housing, stocks, bonds, the dollar, interest

SGT Report – Clif High, the creator of the Web Bot project joins me to discuss world events, economics and the current state of the battle between free humanity and the blood sucking vampires who seek to destroy us. our far reaching conversation touches on everything from the extinction of the human race by 2030 to our potential to reach the stars.

The Phaser | January 9, 2018 Web Bot 2018, Major Changes Ahead, Bitcoin & Crypto Bonanza — Clif High from Leak Project: Latest Alta Reports, Web Bot Forecasts 2018, Major Changes Ahead, Bitcoin Bonanza, Clif High VIDEO: Clif

Clif High’s Webbot Is Flashing RED ALERT: From Greg Hunter: Buy 90% Junk Silver Bags at the Best Price Online! Just $0.99/oz Over Spot! The Analysis And Discussion Provided On Silverdoctors Is For Your Education And Entertainment Only, It Is Not

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ウェブボット(WebBot)とはなんぞや?ウェブボットは、元マイクロソフトのコンサルタントをしていた Clif High(クリフ・ハイ)が、株価の値動きを予測するために作成したものです。

Oh no, it’s Mr.Bullshit again. This guy thinks he makes predictions and that his so called predictive programming software with its spiders that crawl the internet is telling him the futureBULLSHIT, it’s called tagging along, following suit, joining the band-wagon, also

I checked TradingView https://www.tradingview.com this morning and Lookie Lookie what appeared! Can anybody say, “**WEBBOT HIT!!!**” ? Looking Temporally at the Final 14 Days of March, I’d say that Clif is once again Spot On, (so far!) and that there may just

Posts about webbot written by Brian in Chicago They start with Clif’s background. The good stuff starts at 1 hour mark. Enjoy, and be well, Everyone. For more of Clif High’s

Welcome, Bytecoin Enthusiasts! In this video we go over some pretty awesome events that related to Bytecoin as a currency. 1. Dear enthusiasts! If you’d like to see Bytecoin (BCN) be listed on Bittrex- retweet this tweet, so our friends at Bittrex can get reminded

2015 年7 月13 日,Webbot 作者Clif High 以一段新錄音解釋到, 現時每當他取得電腦數據後不久,所預測的事件已極速發生了,以致他來不及作 

Clif High’s Webbot Warns We’re Staring at a MAJOR Systemic Crisis The Analysis And Discussion Provided On Silverdoctors Is For Your Education And Entertainment Only, It Is Not Recommended For Trading Purposes.

Microsoft Research re-invents the Web Bot Project Researchers create software that predicts the future by examining old news. You may have heard of the Web Bot Project .

【Clif High 根據輸入互聯網的關鍵字預測7月12日起至7月28日的16天將有社會經濟大事發生導致銀價倍升至38美元,比特幣急升到1000美元後回落到888美元。金價則要到今年冬季才會倍升。】(08/07/2016) Web Bot is an internet bot computer

Clif High, creator of the Webbot Project, discusses the current state of the battle between free humanity and the blood sucking vampires who seek to destroy us SGT Report – Clif High, the creator of the Web Bot project joins me to discuss world events, economics and the current state of the battle between free humanity and the blood sucking vampires who seek to destroy us. our far reaching

3/3/2019 · Clif released the February 2017 Webbot (aka, ALTA) report on Feb 1. There is so much info in his reports it makes it challenging to summarize and no way can I touch on all the topics he addresses. I do encourage you to acquire his monthly reports from